DDA PetHub Tag Event

The La Paz County Animal Shelter donated 100 PetHub dog tags to us, so we had our first event on Saturday, April 22nd beside Mas Paz to help the public register tags for their pets.

The basic PetHub service is free and gets the job done. If you find a cat or dog with one of these tags all you need to do it scan the QR Code on the back and it takes you to the website showing the owner’s information and all it takes is a phone call to let the owner know where their pets is. The owner can log into their PetHub account and see if/when their pet’s tag was scanned.

On most modern smartphones, you bring up your camera and hover it over the tag. It focuses on the barcode and displays a link. You tap on the link an it takes you to a site displaying the pet’s information and owner contact number. The tag does not replace a microchip, but it does make it easier for the average person to access the information because almost everyone has a phone.


We are Desert Dog Assistance. We help with spay/neuter clinics, as well as help to provide dog food and other supplies to owners that have fallen on hard times. We also work with area shelters and rescues to help dogs in need.


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